Robinson Engineering Surveys not only specialise in marine construction surveying, we are also experienced and qualified to complete Rail infrastructure surveying, earthworks surveying, road surveying, structural surveying, material handling, mine surveying, plant and industrial surveying and monitoring surveys.


We specialise in construction of marine structures. Our experience includes wharves, jetties, LoLo and RoRo facilities, ferry terminals and piling from SEP’s, Jack-up barges, floating barges and cantilever frames. Our advanced methodologies and specialised instrumentation vastly improve the delivery of fast and accurate response set out times to our clients, speeding up productivity.


Our experience in this area includes Bridges, Highway overpasses, Highway underpasses, Buildings, Conveyors, piping, pipe tie-ins, tanks, silo’s, chimney stacks, Gas Turbines, column verticality, stacker and reclaimer structures, and all industrial structures.


Our experience in this area includes Rail infrastructure and Rail Balloon Loops, Highway upgrades, Highway developments, dam walls, volume surveys, and machine guidance.


We have vast experience in this area totalling hundreds of kilometres of road infrastructure, with 3 of these road projects being award winning in ride-ability. We have extensive experience in machine guidance including both GPS and UTS systems.


Our experience with materials handling includes metalliferous mines, limestone mines, coal mines, alumina refineries, aluminium smelters, ammonium nitrate plants, cement plants, power stations, LNG, port facilities, wharves, jetties and conveyors.


Drone surveying has become sophisticated way to complete detail topographic surveys in a full photo 3D model. We can provide end of month quantities to quarries and all other earthworks within a small time frame. We can also do aerial photography and inspections of towers etc.


Our experience in this area includes new rail developments, rail bridges, Balloon Loops and upgrades to existing rail.


Our experience in mine surveying completed at South Blackwater, German Creek, Peakdowns and Oaky Creek mines is drill hole setout, Overburden end of month quantities, coal seam end of month quantities, highwall setout, exploration, photo control, 380 Km 2nd order geodetic survey control, haul road construction and mine infrastructure.


With our highly accurate instrumentation and advanced methodologies Robinson Engineering Surveys can provide horizontal and vertical monitoring of all industrial and marine structures. During recent projects we have provided monitoring services for sea bed levels, bridge settlement, dam settlement, wharves, silos, stacks, large industrial concrete footings, tunnels and sheetpile walls.


With our vast experience in green fields and brown fields work in various industries we can deliver you highly accurate as built surveys for tie-in work with piping, conveyors, tanks, and  buildings as well as scanning, new green field construction and stockpile volumes.